Evaluating Websites

CRAAP test infographic

5th Grade:
Endangered Tree Octopus
Dehydrated Water
All About Explorers

Mike the Headless Chicken

7th Grade:

Republic of Molossia
Republic of Molossia

8th Grade:

 All About Explorers
House Hippo Foundation
House Hippo 
 Dog Island
Dog Island

Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division DHMO  Northwest Tree Octopus
Northwest Tree Octopus
Ova Prima Foundation
Ova Prima
NSF Foundation

Kennedy Fact Check

1.  Burning Man music festival in 2023 was a national disaster.
2. A rare spotless baby giraffe as born at a Tennessee zoo.
3.  The Canadian Wildfires in May and June pushed more carbon into the atmosphere in 3 days than the last 100 years.
4.  Genetically modified mosquitoes are being released by aircraft in U.S. skies as part of an initiative backed by Bill Gates. 

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